Tips for Finding the Best Pellet Gun.

If you are looking for a great option as a hunting beginner, a pellet gun is a suitable solution for a range of shooting activities. It offers maximum safety for beginner shooters. These pellet guns projectiles (shoot pellets) have been made from the lead of alloy material and are accurate for hunters, sports, and experts. 

They are more accurate than their BB counterparts for reasons like rifled barrels, the shape of the pellet, and power plants. It also offers maximum force and range for shooters. The best pellet gun for you is subjective, and there are several options available in the market. 

Here we discuss, some of the tips to find the best pellet gun:

- Always pick a pellet gun based on two features: Power plant and Caliber. 

Power plant - Choose between CO2 guns, Classic pump pneumatics, Popular spring pistons, and Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) high-powered pellet guns. 

Caliber - consider from .177 up to .55 caliber. Bigger calibers give you more power for hunting and smaller calibers for target shooting. 

- Check your pellet size before using it in your gun.

- Most common gun pellets have powered by a spring, and the recent model is gas-powered. The Spring model is comparatively less powerful and suitable for small hunting sessions. Some guns use levers/pimps to pressurize an air tube within the air gun, while others use high-pressure air to fill the reservoir that is the most powerful than other types. 

- Pellet guns offer high impact power, sufficient energy, and higher velocity suitable for hunting games.

- Pellet used in these guns is a cheaper form of ammo. Pellet guns are a bit expensive than other air guns, and pellets 

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- There are various types of pellet guns for different purposes, so let’s point three types now!

Each gun is distinctive for its features.

CO2 Powered Pellet Gun, Spring Powered Pellet Gun, Gas Powered Pellet Gun

CO2 Powered Pellet Gun

High Accuracy

* CO2 cartridges

* no recoil while shooting

* Easy to stack 

Spring Powered Pellet Gun :

 * Good Accuracy

* Coiled spring & piston to propel pellets

* More recoil while shooting

* Cheapest

* Best to practice shooting

  Gas Powered Pellet Gun :

 * High Accuracy

* Compression of gas to propel the pellet

* Less recoil while shooting

* Automatic and semi-automatic models

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Basic Guide to Shooting Range for Beginners

Are you interested in shooting or hunting? Do you want to try the adventures of it!? If you don’t own an airgun, we can help you find specifics for beginner firearms and assist you in understanding the basics of loading, firing, and cleaning a gun with us. Learning bad shooting habits will harm yourself and others, even if you’re not positioning right. 

In this blog, we discuss the shooting range basics because shooting is not a one-time learning module. It takes time and practice to make you an expert. 

Before you goto a Shooting Range, 

1.      Know the rules and regulations of the range. At every shooting range, safety is the priority, and even a tiny disruption can cause a huge liability.


  2. You will have a range bag to carry your guns and equipment safely. Do you know all the basic rules what you need to follow? Always keep in mind the fundamentals of safety firearm range: 

  • When you’re at a shooting range, follow the range’s policies. 

  • Pack your firearms in a case and keep ammunition separately for safety.

  • Always keep the gun unloaded until instructed to load by the range master.

  • Keep your fingers away from the trigger until you’re planning to shoot. 

  • Handle every gun safely, even the unloaded one because there would be a chance of accidental misfiring. 

  • Always keep the right, suitable dress code. Choose appropriate jackets, caps, and more at our store.

  • You should wear eye and ear protection at every shooting range.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. 

3. Make sure to listen to the directions of the Range Master. It’s okay to make mistakes in the shooting range, but make sure that you pay attention to the rules of where you’re at, or else you’ll risk getting in trouble. 

4.      Wherever you’re up for shooting, take a deep breath and make yourself calm and then focus on the target.

Training, practicing, and experience help you improve with firearms and their etiquettes. 

5. Before you leave, wash your hands to rinse off the residues of the shooting. 

Don’t worry! You need a lot of shooting practice, and it’ll not take so much time to master the shooting skills! Visit us to learn more!

 5 Tips to Improve Your Airgun Accuracy.

Do you know the best airguns will not give you perfect accuracy? It certainly helps to have quality airguns and equipment while shooting, but just that may not help. To improve your accuracy, you should focus on your rifle techniques and stay consistent with practicing and maintaining equipment properly.

In this blog, we will discuss some techniques to help you with your air-powered rifle.

If you want to be a crack shot, put time and effort into practice and improve accuracy with an air rifle, and you can see the real difference within few months.

Whether you want to be a 'serious' shooter or a casual target shooter, you may have to prepare and practice.

How to improve your air gun accuracy

1. Use Right Pellets & Better Scope

Shooting accuracy will not rely on just the right combination of equipment. Branded pellets are more consistent, and you must run some tests to understand the features.

Find high-quality airgun pellets and keep them in good condition is vital for performance. The only way to know what works for you and your gun is to try them out.

You may not expect different pellets to fire in the same way.

Spend money on a good scope, and a high-quality scope mount built for regular firearms will not work for your airgun! If you buy a cheap Scope, the result will be cheap shots. Get target scope for target shooting. Hunting scopes are not as accurate as target scopes.

Note:  Never stop practicing!

2. Control Your Breathing

You should always maintain a steady breathing pattern to pull the trigger. It takes proper practice to get it right. If you take a sharp inhale or pull the trigger quickly, it will shift your aim. Move steadily even the minute disruption can throw aim off widely. 

Here is some breathing exercise to practice:

  • Always take a few normal breaths before holding it for no more than 5 seconds.

  • Exhale and pause

  • Inhale and pause

  • Full exhale and squeeze the trigger

  • Breathe normally.

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3. Stable Body Position

Try to find a stable body position for shooting. Through practice, you can increase the accuracy of your shooting. Moreover, your gun barrel will move only less while you fire. General positioning orders:

Laying down


Standing against a wall (or tree)


4. Cleaning

Regularly clean your gun and barrel to make it work properly and operate better for a long. The duration of cleaning depends on the type of barrel, pellet, velocity, and level of lead. However, make sure to check and certainly clean your barrel whenever you suspect inaccuracy. 

Note: After cleaning, you will not get accurate shots until few shots

5. Tighten Every Element of your Gun

As we use the air guns over time, the screws on the mounts or the gun might loosen. Even just a slight wiggle can lose the screws and, in turn, throw everything out of your hands. 

Always make sure every screw is right in the place and works properly. But never over-tighten the screw because it will damage your gun. 

Use these tips for your airgun. Work at Your Airgun Accuracy. The more you practice, the more you will be accurate.

If you are ready to improve your airgun accuracy, visit our store now to get the right gun or know more about it. 

Know, Buy & Get Hunting Weapons and Equipments at 18th Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) 2021.

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The hunting season in UAE begins as the scorching summer turns to pleasant autumn by September. Generally, UAE is a country known for recreational activities related to deserts and its wildlife habitat. In the past, the most prominent sport among Arab locals was falconry. They use all their skills to train wild birds, especially falcons, and make them highly skilled predators. Other popular traditional sports are camel racing, hunting, and various forms of equestrianism. These sports always existed among Emiratis who watched and encouraged these outdoor sports activities.

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) is a global platform in the Middle East that aims to expand and promote traditional recreational activities of the MEA region like hunting, equestrian, and falconry. This international event allows participants to interact, learn and purchase traditional sports accessories and entertain themselves with cultural programs.

Every year, this event would have more than “110,000 attendees” from around the world. This 18th ADIHEX will be for seven days starting from 27th September to 03rd October 2021 in Abu Dhabi. And over 650 local and global companies participate in this event to cater to the growth of the Middle East’s outdoor sports activities, preserving cultural heritage.

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